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My name is Chris Petitclerc and I am a licensed insurance and investment advisor from Calgary Canada. As an independent broker, I can shop the financial market for mortgages insurance and investments. We are partners with about 100 financial firms across Canada.

Today I have something very important to share with you. I am quite sure you are aware of what has been happening in the world today with the pandemic. But are you protected? I don’t mean with the vaccine, but with life insurance. 🙂

So, here's what I've got for you today…

If you’re someone who isn’t quite sure about Life Insurance or seeking a complete Funeral Planning & Life Insurance Package with All the Bonuses Offered Below, then this is the push-button solution you’ve been looking for! 

What is Insurance. What is it meant to do for me?

Insurance is very important financial concept to understand. It is something we all wish we had after something bad happens. But it is then too late to get insurance. It is meant to protect you from the financial burden in case something bad or unforeseen happens to us or our family so we won’t have to suffer financially. Getting the proper insurance is key for your type of situation. For example you may not have enough insurance coverage and may still suffer financially if a tragic event happens or you may not have the proper type of insurance. Banks and other financial companies only can offer what they have, which may not be the best product or service for your situation. We are here as independent brokers to help families become better educated with Insurance and the many products that are offered in the insurance industry. We are partners with ~100 financial firms and can get the best product that meets the clients needs and for a great rate. 

Here's What "Will & Estate Planning Guide & Bundle" Will Do for You...

Insurance Insiders Guide

Why do you need life insurance? It is to protect you or your family’s wealth in case of a tragic event. The cost of a loved one passing away is typically over 15k for a funeral. Plus the financial burden of the lost income to your spouse or children. Do you want to leave them with this burden? Do you want to leave your family with a mortgage and credit card debt? Do you want to leave a will and not a bill? I am sure you wouldn’t. That is why educated wealthy people protect themselves with insurance. To protect their wealth and leave their family a legacy in case of a tragic event. The costs are probably not as much as you may think. Now today I can offer you a complimentary consultation. We can review your current situation and review the best options for your situation. Now depending on your priorities this is what you can get.

"28,264 COVID-19 Deaths 
in Canada - Oct 2021"

Included with an Approved Life Insurance Policy

Yes… for about the price of a Coffee per day, you can get all the necessary bonuses you will need to protect you and your families wealth and know your final wishes will be taken care of.

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In fact…

"Wealthy People stay wealthy because they protect their wealth with insurance"

The Wealthy use life Insurance to …….

Create an Insurance Tax Shelter

This very popular book “10 Secrets Revenue Canada Doesn’t Want You To Know!”  is to give you more control and empower you to keep more of what is rightfully yours! The book is filled with ideas and strategies most people don’t know about to reduce their taxes we pay in Canada. In it you’ll find practical down-to-earth advice you can really use to slash your tax bill. Written in plain English, Voth exposes 10 secrets you’ll wish you’d been using for years.


But in it you will see that secret #7 is creating an insurance tax shelter. The Insurance Industry is Tax Haven and one of the few areas still left in Canada we can shelter our hard earned money from Taxes and have more income in retirement. 

But don't just take my word for it...

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

During the summer of 2020, a women came into our WFG Calgary office. She had a piece of paper that she needed some clarification on. The agent took the paper and reviewed it. It was a life Insurance policy for half a million dollars. The ladies husband had recently passed away due to  COVID-19 complications. She had been going through some of his belongings and papers and came across this life insurance policy. She had recently lost her job  and she had 2 young girls to take care of (ages 6 & 8 years old). In addition to that she still had a mortgage & bills to pay. She was getting ready to sell the house and did not know how they were going to survive financially.

Then Something Amazing Happened...

 The WFG agent helped her fill out the necessary paperwork for an insurance claim and with-in 2 weeks she had $500,000 wired to her bank account. She was able to pay off their existing mortgage and debts. She said that money saved them. If not for that policy,   she would have had to sell their home and down size, find a job or source of income, pay for child care expenses and also rely on friends and family to potentially help them out if they could. She had no idea that her husband had taken out a life insurance policy on himself and had been thoughtful enough to leave his family protected in case something tragic was to happen to himself.

It is so rewarding to know that we as life insurance agents are able to help families get properly protected to avoid any financial burden which adds to the stress the family are already having to go through. 

When You Get and Approved Life Insurance Policy

You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!

Here's exactly what you're going to get with Insurance Insiders Guide
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A Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance is a lump sum of money paid to your beneficiary(s) when you die. It is an extremely thoughtful and caring gesture to do and have set up for your family. Depending on your age and health we will determine what it is you might need insurance wise. If you are younger (under 45) and interested in getting permanent life insurance you will have your entire life you can get the premiums back in your retirement so this is like having FREE Life Insurance. The premium costs are slightly more than term. Typically we recommend a combination of term and permanent insurance. Let me explain more to you and how it works in a meeting as this may be an option you would be interested in.  We also offer term policies as well that can keep premiums lower.


Additional riders you can add to your life insurance policy at an additional cost: 


  • Child Rider – A lump sum amount payed out tax free if your child dies. Something we don’t like to think about but will guarantee your child will always be approved for insurance later in life. 
  • Critical Illness – A lump sum of money paid to you tax free if you get 1 of 25 listed critical illnesses. There is also a return of premium rider we can add at an additional cost to a stand alone policy so if at the end of the term we do not get an illness we can get the premiums back.  
  • Child Critical Illness (An amount paid to the policy owner if the child develops 1 of 25 listed Critical illnesses tax free). 
  • Disability – Based on your income this pays you monthly tax free. Consider this option if you employer only pays up to a certain percentage. 
  • Guaranteed Insurability – This is a guarantee you will get approved for Life Insurance with no medical required. 
  • Accidental Death – An Accidental Death Benefit Rider is a provision in a Life Insurance policy that can provide an additional payment if your death occurs as the result of an accident, often double the amount of money tax free.


BONUS #1 - Mortgage vs Life Insurance Package

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BONUS #2 - Complete Will Prep


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BONUS #4 - Secured Online Document Storage / Tenzing

BONUS #5 - Life Insurance

"How To Get Educated About Insurance In As Little As 30 Minutes "

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There is no price we can put on for our family. Our loved ones mean the world to us.

Lets us show them we care with a Life Insurance Policy!

There Is NO CATCH!

Even if you have health issues or been declined for life insurance in the past, we still may be able to help. Let us meet with you and discuss your options and get you a complimentary no-obligation quote and you can decide once you are approved if you would like to accept the policy. Sound Good? 

Time Is Of The Essence...

This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price.

With the way things are going with the pandemic, changes are happening often and with little notice. It is best to get your policy approved and in place today so you guarantee yourself with life insurance before your health or financial status or even qualification questions change. 

We believe in the “Insurance Insiders Guide”
so much that we offer a…

100% No-Questions-Asked
No Obligation Quote

If  for some reason you are unhappy with you policy or contract you will receive your initial premiums back. You have up to 10 days to review the contract and the policy once a policy is accepted. 
Please reach out if you have any questions or want additional clarification on any wording in your policy. We are here to help you at any time with forms, annual reviews, updates, beneficiary changes or any issues you may have going forward with your policy. 

The Insurer will refund your money
No Questions Asked!

All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and financial education to gain! 

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