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Who Am I? Why I Love What I Do?
My Name is Chris Petitclerc and I am a Financial Educator / Advisor and Real Estate Investor in Calgary, Canada. I help many people get started in the Finance Industry through as well as help many families get financially on track and educated every day.

Outside of business, I love scuba diving, traveling, hiking and skiing. I am from Calgary Alberta and have traveled to 15 countries to date. Many more on my to do list. 🙂

I started this program to help others get financially educated, achieve government certification and trained in the finance industry. I work with new agents every day to start their own financial business. It has helped me to transform my business and I am seeing much success. I want to help others too who are interested in finance, are open minded, coachable, may have an entrepreneurial mindset as well as motivated to being successful in life. If you are seeking a new and rewarding career, looking to get out of the rat race, why not give this a try? Nothing to lose & financial education to gain.
Chris Petitclerc
Meet Other SUCCESSFUL Agents!

WFG Canada has, 15 thousand agents across Canada. Many are very successful. Here are a couple examples from people on my team.

Background - Oil & Gas

As a former employee in the Oil & Gas Industry, Shelley experienced the ups and downs from the industry. She was tired of being laid off time and time again and moving from company to company. She joined our firm in 2021 during the pandemic building her financial business and has not looked back since. We are so proud of her!

-Shelley Miler (Calgary Alberta)

Former Accountant at Shell / Canada

During the Pandemic, Darren lost his position at Shell Canada. With a wife and 2 young girls to support Darren was open minded and once introduced to our firm, was interested right from the start. He attends all the trainings, remains coachable and is seeing much success. Darren is a prime example of what can happen when we apply what we learn.

-Darren Wozny (Calgary, Alberta)

The only one thing that separates achievers from non-achievers is that they enlist the help of others to make progress.
Remaining Coachable is key.
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